Mining and energy

he energy potential of Zenica-Doboj Canton is mainly based on the brown coal reserves of Zenica, Kakanj and Breza. The characteristic of all three exploitation fields in Zenica-Doboj Canton is that they contain deposits separated as separate units. In addition to brown coal, there are lignite reserves in the municipality of Maglaj. Depending on the vertical position of the coal seams, in relation to the surface, some parts of the exploitation field are exploited in the pit, and others in the surface. An overview of reserves is given in the following table:


The area of mining and quarrying activity in Zenica-Doboj Canton records positive results. Business entities in this activity, in 2018, realized exports of 1,98 million KM, which is a higher export by 257,6 % compared to 2017.

At the same time, lower imports of approximately KM 213,74 million were recorded, ie by 4,9 % compared to 2017. In 2018, the volume index of industrial production for the mining and quarrying activity was 98,4, and the total coal production in 2018 was higher by 37,9 % compared to 2015. The number of employees was 4,718 and achieved a growth of 1,7 % compared to 2017, with a simultaneous increase in the average net salary of 1,9 %, so that in 2018 it amounted to 1,072 KM.

Considering the state of the electricity market, it can be said that coal, in addition to hydro potential, is the most significant domestic energy potential, thus mining will continue to play a significant role in the overall economic development of Zenica-Doboj Canton.

Public company Elektroprivreda Bosne i Hercegovine d.d. - Sarajevo is a leading company in BiH in the field of electricity generation, distribution, supply and trading of electricity. Since 2009, JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d. - Sarajevo has the status of the ruling company in the Concern EPBiH, in which it is connected in terms of capital with several companies in the field of mining and production of equipment. The company supplies electricity to more than 774 thousand customers, has installed production capacity of 1,739 MW (thermal power plants - 1,173 MW, hydropower plants - 504 MW, small hydropower plants - 14 MW and wind power plants - 48 MW), distribution lines in the length of 37,530 km, 7,932 substations and employs more than 4,200 employees, of various profiles and degrees of expertise. JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d.-Sarajevo annually produces approximately 7,000 GWh of electricity and generates annual revenues in excess of one billion KM.

JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d. - Sarajevo is organized through branches:

- Thermal power plant "Kakanj",

- Thermal power plant "Tuzla",

- Hydroelectric power plants on the Neretva (HPP "Jablanica", HPP "Salakovac" and HPP "Grabovica")

- "Elektrodistribucija" Bihać,

- "Elektrodistribucija" Mostar,

- "Elektrodistribucija" Sarajevo,

- "Elektrodistribucija" Tuzla and

- "Elektrodistribucija" Zenica.

In Zenica-Doboj Canton, the production of electricity is almost entirely performed in TPP Kakanj, with smaller production in TPP Natron-Hayat. 

In the area of Zenica-Doboj Canton, concessions have been granted for the construction of 13 mini-hydropower plants, there are 25 solar power plants, and 2 new solar power plants of SE "Hifa Benz" Tešanj and "Sami promet" Visoko are also planned.

Natural gas and oil are provided by import, and the distributor for natural gas is JP "Visoko Ekoenergija" d.o.o. High. Gas is also delivered to direct consumers connected to the gas pipeline, and the total amount of consumed natural gas is 45,000 (1000 Sm3). The public company ZENICAGAS was established in the city of Zenica for the needs of future distribution of natural gas.

These facts indicate that Zenica-Doboj Canton has the conditions for further growth of production and investment in the field of energy and mining.

The most important companies in the field of mining and energy of Zenica-Doboj Canton:

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