By cities

As a segment of entrepreneurial infrastructure, business zones are an important instrument of competitiveness in attracting foreign investment, generating exports and new employment, and as such significantly participate in the realization of economic goals of Zenica-Doboj Canton, Federation B&H, and Bosnia and Herzegovina as a whole, and raising productivity and efficiency. improving the technological level of production and entrepreneurship.

By cities and municipalities

Aware of the importance of business zones, cities, and municipalities of Zenica-Doboj Canton, in an effort to improve the capacity of business zones, offer investors in the business zones of Zenica-Doboj Canton the following benefits:

  • Benefits of paying the agreed land price and land development costs;
  • Securing construction and other permits and approvals in an accelerated administrative procedure;
  • Possibility to adjust the particle size according to the needs of investors;
  • Subsidizing certain costs;
  • Professional assistance and cooperation in the development and implementation of the investment;
  • Use of synergetic effects of business in Industrial Zones;
  • Strategic locations, since: With the completion of the construction of Corridor 5c, the Industrial
  • Zones of Zenica-Doboj Canton are becoming the most competitive space for investments in the region.

There are 40 business zones in the area of Zenica-Doboj Canton. Of the total number, 57,5 % are green business zones, 37,5 % are brown business zones, and 5 % are mixed business zones.

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