Operating expenses


After registration, business entities are required to pay the following fees:

  • A tax on a prominent company or an inscription indicating a certain legal or natural person for performing a certain activity or profession;
  • Firefighting fee;
  • Fee for the use of construction land;
    Communal compensation for joint consumption.


  1. Urban consent
    1. Administrative fee 10.00 KM – 200.00 KM;
    2. Copy of the cadastral plan with the indication of the user of the subject parcel 11.00 KM + 4.00 KM for each subsequent parcel;
    3. Conceptual design of the building 3.00 KM – 5.00 KM per m2;Request for prior electricity consent for the location of the facility 35.10 KM;
    4. Request for electricity consent for the location of the facility 58.10 KM;
    5. Building permit
  2. Excerpt from the land registry office 10.00 KM;
    1. Identification of the plot 5.00 KM, Development of the main project 15.00 KM per m2;
    2. Audit of the main project 5 % of the investment; > Administrative fee 10.00 KM – 80.00 KM;
    3. Fee for arranging construction land 10.00 KM / m2 to 40.00 KM / m2 depending on the equipment of the infrastructure;
    4. Fee for benefits for production space 20.00 KM / m2, for other business premises depending on the zone 40.00 KM / m2 to 60.00 KM / m2; 
  3. Use permit (deadline for resolving a complete application is 30 days)
    1. Administrative fee 10.00 KM;
    2. Technical acceptance 350.00 KM - 2,500.00 KM; 
  4. Payment of the object
    1. Payment of a residential building 185.00 KM;
    2. Payment of business facility 350.00 KM;

Connection prices


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