Development agencies

REZ is a Regional Development Agency operating in the Central B&H region. The platform for the establishment of the Agency was a partnership of governmental and non-governmental institutions. The Agency's mission is to improve the capacity of all stakeholders in an effort to improve the economic performance of the Central B&H region by supporting the use of economic development funds and supporting the development of small and medium enterprises in order to strengthen the region's competitiveness and create new jobs.

Zenica Development Agency (ZEDA) was established by the City of Zenica, with the aim of economic development, assistance to SME development, and the creation of a favorable environment that leads to the overall development of the community or region. ZEDA implemented, was a partner and co-financier on projects in the field of development and promotion of entrepreneurship, creating favorable conditions for domestic and foreign investments in the economy, strengthening competitiveness and export potential of SMEs, building entrepreneurial infrastructure and environment, introduction of product safety control system, ecology - sustainable development and energy efficiency, human resources, tourism, etc. At the level of the City of Zenica, ZEDA carries out activities related to Business Zone Zenica 1; Business incubator Zenica BIZ; Business point Zenica - center for entrepreneurs and investors; LIND Product Safety Testing Laboratory; Impulse Creative Center ICC.

Development Agency Žepče (RAŽ) is the initiator of changes in the municipality of Žepče. The key role of the Žepče Development Agency is in identifying new development opportunities; defining local strategies; performing local marketing activities; promoting the entrepreneurial spirit, helping and directing the development of small, medium, and large entrepreneurs through education and business consulting programs, project management, attracting domestic and foreign investment; participation in European Union assistance programs; establishment of business zones and incubators, business, innovation and technology parks, development of human resources for the needs of the private sector, and has a special role in the development of rural areas through the development of agriculture and tourism. Within the Žepče Development Agency, there is a Center for Investors that works on the principle of "one-stop shop-all in one place". Foreign and domestic companies wishing to invest or reinvest in the municipality of Žepče have access to: Database of investment locations; Supplier database; Labor base.

Development Agency, RAZ d.o.o. Zavidovići is a professional non-profit organization, founded to support small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as the overall social, economic and cultural development of the Municipality of Zavidovići. Development agency RAZ d.o.o Zavidovići is a service of the Municipality of Zavidovići and the Association of Independent Businessmen Zavidovići. The Business Incubator operates within RAZ Zavidovići.

The Tešanj Municipality Development Agency (TRA) is working to build the image of a competitive local community and to design the economic growth of the Tešanj municipality. TRA activities are structured in the following eight areas of work: Project Management - domestic and foreign donor funds; Databases, the research analyses, expert studies, and statistical indicators; Public-private dialogue and the Council for Local Economic Development; Promotion of economic potentials, territorial marketing, the attraction of investments and stimulation of exports; Training and education; Rural development and agriculture; Environmental protection and cleaner production; Energy resource efficiency.

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